Andrea Lahti, LCSW

Psychotherapist and Epigenetic Coach

Andrea Lahti.jpg

Andrea Lahti is an LCSW who uses a systems approach to provide a mix of education, technology, products and services to help people balance their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. She has over 11 years of experience working with an integrated health team and loves helping people achieve their full potential.

As a therapist, she can offer many modalities, but specializes in EMDR. This is an amazing therapy that can be used to reduce distress, increase self-confidence and inner peace. It can also be used to reduce physical pain, as emotional and physical pain are processed in the same part of the brain. Andrea has been trained in traditional and Attachment-Focused EMDR, which follows each individual's unique healing process.

As an epigenetic coach, Andrea is able to interpret DNA code to gain insight into what your body needs to reach its full potential. With this information , you will be able to turn up the effect of helpful genes and turn down or even reverse deleterious genes.  When it comes to your genetics, knowledge is power!


  • LCSW
  • Genetic Coaching
  • Certified in EMDR, specializing in Attachment-Focused EMDR
  • DBT, Reiki and Solution-Focused Therapies
Genetics do play a role in how you consciously or subconsciously manifest your true self.
— Ben Harper

 Services Provided:

  • Psychotherapy, specializing in EMDR Therapy
  • DNA analysis and interpretation