Ann-Lee Waite

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Ann-Lee’s empowerment journey started with a desire to survive a childhood of sexual abuse and incest.  Multiple addictions were her coping mechanisms for pain; alcohol, drugs, sex, relationships, codependency and eating disorders.  In her mid-twenties she decided survival was not enough. Maya Angelou’s words ignited in her a desire to thrive. Surviving to thriving meant choosing happiness no matter what. Only after she became accustomed to feeling good no matter the circumstance was she ready for the practice of radical self-love, self-acceptance and self-responsibility; her definition of empowerment.  Her journey still continues as her guides have shown her complete empowerment for a woman means empowerment with self, body, sex and finances. She is committed not just to teaching women empowerment but also to being a lifelong student herself because she knows we are infinitely more than we could ever imagine.

At the age of forty Ann-Lee took a six-month pause after asking Spirit “what is the work I will feel joy in doing so much I would do it for free”.  One day after completing her yoga video she noticed at the end there was a yoga teacher training offered. And thus began her journey in wellness practices.  In one year she certified as a yoga teacher, a thai yoga practitioner, foot fitness, body rolling teacher and personal trainer. A couple of years later she completed Level Two Usui Reiki.  She was convinced if she could help people feel better in their bodies that could be a way for them to desire more wellbeing in their lives. That was 15 years ago. Her energetic and spiritual connection has been a 30 year journey and today she provides her clients intuitive and energetic offerings along with wellness training to experience more empowerment in their lives.  She has created a signature group intuitive guidance, energy, aromatherapy, crystal and vocal sound healing class that is as unique as she is.

"There is no story, no history you cannot transform for your highest good."