What is Biotherapeutic Drainage?

Biotherapeutic Drainage is an individualized approach to medicine that takes into consideration each individual’s unique biological environment and detoxification ability, also know as “terrain”. Terrain is influenced by a combination of genetics, medical history, lifestyle choices, and other physiological factors. A healthy terrain will effectively remove toxins from the body via the emunctories. Biotherapeutic Drainage encourages restoration of the body’s natural toxin elimination capacity by helping to restore a healthy terrain and supporting the function of the primary emunctories.

The primary emunctory organs are capable of removing endogenous and exogenous toxins by:

  • Solid waste through the intestines and liver

  • Liquid waste through the kidney and urinary bladder

  • Gaseous waste through the lungs

  • Sweating through the skin

Biotherapeutic Drainage is a gentle yet effective homeopathic therapy that restores homeostatic processes by encouraging optional function of the emunctories.

Remedies Used to Facilitate Drainage

  • Homeopathic remedies such as UNDA Numbered Compounds are effective at promoting the excretory functions of the emunctories.

  • Essential Minerals, such as Trace or Oilogo Elements and Schuessler Salts are also effective remedies that help to support key metabolic functions.

  • Plant Extracts

    • Phyto Immunotherapy products like Genestra Phyto-gens are based on the traditional medicinal use of plant buds and young shoots.

    • Gemmotherapy uses extracts obtained from the embryonic plant tissues prepared in a 1/10 dilution.

How is Biotherapeutic Drainage applicable today?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult in our modern environment to maintain proper nutrition, manage stress, and minimize exposure to environmental toxins. However, traditional detox therapies can actually aggravate the symptoms of toxin accumulation, sleep stress, and poor nutrition by pushing the body’s detoxification process beyond their normal limits. Biotherapeutic Drainage restores the normal function of the emunctories without exacerbating symptoms.

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