Dr. Margaret Newton

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  • Thirty – seven years of practice experience.

  • Licensed massage therapist @18 yoa.

  • Paul St. John Neuromuscular institute.

  • Focused training to diminish trigger points, nerve compression postural distortion & biomechanical dysfunction.

  • Employment Locations have included 5 star spa’s, chiropractic offices, cruise ships. Thousands of treatments given.

  • Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in 3 states, Dr. Newton began correcting nerve interference caused by bone @33 yoa.

  • Margaret taught at several massage schools, bringing students to the NCTMB exam (the highest soft tissue credentialing agency in the nation). She used Dr. Travell & Simmons (Authors of Myofascial pain & dysfunction, the trigger point manual) to educate massage therapists in specific difficult soft tissue problems such as sciatica, tennis elbow, runners knee, etc.

  • Developed & taught Hospice Professional massage CEU’s.


  • BS Exercise Education. University of Florida. Gainesville, FL.

  • DC Doctor of Chiropractic. Life University. Marietta, GA.

  • Massage & Hydrotherapy. Florida School of Massage. Gainesville, FL


  • Webster Certified. Webster technique promotes balance of the pelvis of pregnant women so the baby has a greater chance of normal headfirst presentation at birth.

  • MUA. Manipulation under anesthesia, a technique used for special cases such as paralysis. Outpatient hospital facility.

  • Dr. Newton is currently working toward diplomat status with the international chiropractic pediatric association, a 200-hour study focused upon gentle removal of nerve interference for infants, children and teens.