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Erin Allgood

Postpartum Doula & Prenatal LMT

About Erin

Erin has been inspired by healing since childhood. Choosing massage therapy as a career was one of the best decisions of her life, and came after a degree in graphic arts. Erin received her massage education in Cary, North Carolina, and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2009. Her massage therapy career continues to lead her down new avenues of being a servant heart. She has not had the opportunity to be a biological mother. However, nurturers come in all forms. Erin is a certified birth doula through Primal Birth Community, and became certified in prenatal, labor, and postpartum massage through Nurturing the Mother with Claire Marie Miller in 2016. Once in the doula field, it became clear that postpartum doula work would become her area of focus. she is fascinated by being a source of strength and a support system for new mothers, fathers, and children.

Erin is certified in prenatal, labor and postpartum massage. Pregnancy massage is such a wonderful thing to do for both mom and baby. It reduces swelling, it helps with relaxation which can help reduce insomnia and it helps increase blood circulation which will end up delivering more nutrients and oxygen to both mom and baby. I start practicing side lying at 22 weeks or before if its more comfortable for you.  Labor massage can be very beneficial in aiding with a faster, more calm labor. Postpartum massage focuses on getting the ribs, hips and uterus back in place. Whatever your prenatal or postpartum needs are, she has got you covered.

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