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Energy Healing Techniques for Practitioners Pt 1

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In this series of courses we make several Energy Work presentations that are beneficial for self healing and provide useful tools to professionals in service industries such as Physical and Occupational therapists, massage therapists, nurses, psychologists, Reiki practitioners and healers using therapeutic and hands on modalities and clinicians who practice direct patient contact.  

Description- For as long as we live and breathe, we are instruments for the flow of energy. Active and healthy flow of energy can be the highest contributing factor to your own well being as well as the well being of those under your care. It becomes an even more important factor in the case of professionals in industries with direct patient contact and hands on healing where the dynamic exchange requires you to maintain a mindful and intentional flow of energy directed to your patients for the purpose of clinical improvement. However that same exchange can drain and deplete or derail your own energy flow, leaving you exhausted and possibly unhappy with the results. 
This series will provide a platform to explore many important areas, some of which are included bellow:

Techniques and methodologies to enhance a healthy flow of Healing energy to obtain optimal results for the well being of the self and for improvement in the well being of the patients.
Tools to induce a safer, more serene and peaceful environment to enhance and improve the healing results for patients and simultaneously increase the well being of the clinicians and practitioners. Such an environment will also benefit all other staff, audiences and even visitors and passer bys.
Guided meditations to experience the healing effects of Lights and colors.
Techniques to clear your mind, cleanse your emotions and release memories and imprints of old wounds and scars.
Methods to accelerate yourself on your chosen path and enhance your positive outlook to life. 


About Nasrin Safai

An internationally known Channel and author of metaphysical books, a motivational speaker and life Coach. Nasrin has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and a Masters degree in planning and Development. Nasrin is the Founder of the Foundation for the Attainment of Global Unity (FAGU). FAGU is the Mother organization for Nasrin’s Waves of Bliss & Path to Enlightenment (PTE) Mystery School, website provides an online educational resource offering over 300 classes and courses in Metaphysical subjects encompassing topics such as Meditation, Alchemy, Stress release techniques, Energy Healing, Altlantis, Lemuria, Past life regression, Soul Retrieval, Mindfulness, Yogic exercises, Chakras and chakra balancing and alignments. The courses also include channeled messages from Divine Mother, Quan-Yin, Isis, Mother Mary, Jesus, Saint Germain, Metatron, and multiple other masters. These messagesencourage you to to attain spiritual growth and gain greater success in your life. Forty years worth of knowledge and wisdom are uniquely received 

through channeling and taught by Nasrin in live workshop settings, webinars, conference call sessions and online. Nasrin has taught at Higher education establishments and universities around the world including Harvard University. 

Nasrin is a Reiki Maser teacher who has trained dozens of Reiki students to Mastery. She has created and taught many original healing modalities some of which will be available at Purple sage. For private consultation & group sessions please inquire from the Purple sage front desk. Email Nasrin directly: the complete list of classes and courses and for free channeling events go to

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