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Jeffrey Rich

Licensed Massage Therapist & Shamanic Healer

I am Jeffrey Rich, Massage Therapist NC License #16954, Shamanic Healing practitioner, Systemic Constellations Facilitator, author and educator in the healing arts. Over 3,000 hours of study and 19 years' hands-on experience lies at the heart of my therapy practice. I have taught at two different massage schools, creating the curriculum for one of them. I believe that everything is connected and so I bring all of these disciplines together in my healing sessions to resolve obstacles to your healing on many levels.

For over fifteen years my therapy practice was in hospitals, medical offices, and in local Hospice programs. I was fortunate to be one of two of the first massage therapists to give massage to Oncology patients in a Hospital setting in Huntsville, Alabama.

I am delighted to be counted in the good company of like-minded practitioners of the Epione Integrated Clinic. 


Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Methods Deeply Relaxing and Balancing Integrated Bodymind Acupressure Neuromuscular Myofascial Trigger Point TherapySwedish Massage for Relaxation


Shamanic Healing Modalities offered

Soul RetrievalEnergy Clearing and Balancing for the BodyHealing for Ancestral and Intergenerational Issues

Systemic Family Constellation work looks at the hidden patterns and hidden dynamics in a family system. The goal is to strengthen all members and to increase the flows of Love in the Family System. 

Many of our physical and spiritual symptoms originate in the larger energetic systems in which we are embedded. These energetic systems are the Fields we live and move in, such as those of our family system and our Ancestors. All of my healing modalities have this understanding at their center. I study with both indigenous and non-indigenous teachers in North and South America to bring you a deeper understanding of these energetic healing dynamics. This understanding has transformed my therapeutic offerings. Let me help you transform, too!