Neile King

Energy Medicine and Life Coach

I welcome you to one of the most unique energy sessions you will experience!!

Quick story on how I ended up working with the unseen energies:

As a young person I grew up in a household that moved internationally and domestically giving me a unique perspective on life.  Having visited or lived on 5 of the 7 continents I found myself being introduced to a variety of life experiences.  This began to shape the lens on what “life” is and it has continued to shift over time. 

Having had this vast cultural experience early in life, I sensed that there were outside forces at work that I could not explain. I have always relied on my intuition, so as I grew up I began to explore what these forces were and how these forces were impacting my life.  I have always enjoyed using my imagination to visualize what could be possible and I intended to explore every opportunity to exercise it.

So, like the fool in tarot I took a leap of faith. And for the better part of the last 10+ years I have researched ancient teachings originating in various cultures to understand these Universal laws of energy.  In particular, I have focused on how to work with the unseen energies to raise my consciousness and to help others to do the same. More specifically, how they are brought about to refine your character, thought patterns, and in the end lead you to your life’s purpose. 

As many have experienced on their own journey, I began using mindfulness meditation techniques which I continue to this today. After I began to listen to my inner voice, I quickly turned my studies to Hermetic Astrology which provided the fundamental concepts of how this unseen energy influences human behavior on planet earth. After more than three years of study, I became more empathic and started to feel the energy. It took time to get used to, but once I understood how this energy operated I learned to use it to manifest positive outcomes. As above, So below.

This led me to Freemasonry which strengthened my understanding of creative forces.  This also provided me the golden opportunity to participate in the exchange of energy through charitable efforts. Throughout this period of my life, I transitioned through different jobs and experienced a significant amount of harmony in all areas of my life. This opened me up to explore a different path of how I could become a conduit for the Universal life force, commonly known as Reiki. I will be forever grateful to my teacher, Vickie Penninger, for helping me to raise my vibration and for helping me to begin resonating with the life force energy of the Universe. At the culmination of my Reiki experience I was awarded Reiki Master Teacher. It was also during this time that I learned a great deal about energy through the practice and study of Shamanic practices such as Munay-Ki Rites and was ordained into the priesthood for the Order of Melchizedek. 

More recently, over the past four years I have focused my studies on learning to detect, measure, and manifest the unseen energies using various techniques. I have focused my efforts more directly in understanding Personal Wavelength, French Radiesthesia and Biogeometry at the Vesica Institute in Asheville, NC. This knowledge is built on centuries of investigation, discovery and application from the most advanced cultures in history. As I look back at my journey thus far, each step builds on the prior.  I now use a combination of these techniques to actively balance the subtle physical, vital, emotional, mental, or spiritual energies for myself and others.  

This lead me to establish Lifeforce Synergy and forge a new partnership with Shaddoe to create a unique energy experience called Infinite Bliss.  This form of energy work increases the effectiveness and efficiency of each session by synergistically combining our energies to bring about the changes needed for our clients. I believe this is the next evolution in energy work and will further enlighten the path of working with and using the unseen energies.

Having spent over a decade of my life pursuing and understanding these Universal concepts, I still find time to meditate, fly fishing for wild trout, and hike on the trails in the mountains. 

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