Dr. LuLu is an expert in nutrition and believes that food is the fuel and medicine for the body. She has the medical training and knowledge to guide you on co-creating a new food regime that makes your body, mind and soul sing with joy. Have you ever been to told to eliminate all the foods you think make your meals actually taste good? Well welcome to the food revolution where adding in nutritious fruits and veggies can change your world. Did you know that having a proper foundation of nutrition gives you more energy, clarity, better sleep, decreased symptoms and feeling good!

Dr. LuLu knows that changing you food lifestyle can be a challenge and she uses a highly personalized  approach with creative new ways to make food exciting again. She works together with her patients as a team to set nutritional goals. Nutritional counseling can help develop and maintain healthy dietary habits to prevent chronic illness at any age.

Another amazing bonus of the membership program is personalized shopping guidance and home visits to sort through your cabinets and fridge within a 15 mile radius of the clinic. Oh and don’t forget the recipes, diet programs and videos to empower you to take charge of your own health!

She has worked with members with cardiovascular disease, food allergies, poor digestion, diabetes, weight management, frequent illnesses, high blood pressure, athletic training and more.

Here’s a tip from Dr. LuLu...


“Love what you eat and you will love life!”