RETREAT DATES: April 12-14, 2019

JOIN Dr. Lulu Shimek, Adora Winquist and Nasrin Safai for a journey of self- transformation to Dream your biggest visionNourish deep levels of self-care and Awaken to the magic within you at Epione Clinic in Asheville, North Carolina.  Asheville has been sought after for almost 200 years for its profoundly recuperative natural environment of curative fresh mountain air and unique biodiversity by both early physicians and Native American tribes such as the local Cherokee.
Experts in the field of natural medicine, personal transformation, and spiritual mentoring will weave a sacred and nurturing space where together we will explore leading edge tools and techniques to rejuvenate physical vitality, empower emotional well being and accelerate spiritual awakening.  The beauty of this program allows for every individual to commune with others of like mind, create life-long bonds while being fully heard, seen and understood from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective with leaders in holistic health field with a combined 55 years experience. 

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So why should YOU join us?

Are you living the life you know you are meant to? Do you awaken with the energy, clarity and passion daily to create and communicate with authenticity? Do you feel so overcommitted and overstretched with tasks and responsibilities that you cannot recall the last moment you took the time and space  for rest, love, self care or just about anything?   If you are still reading, the answer is clear as is the invitation.  This therapeutic, nurturing and supportive environment will offer you ample opportunity to connect and commune with others of similar life experience and intention. As we come together in community to shift, change, and grow, we source an expansive ability to transform.

When we have the courage to embrace our best and biggest selves and invite our highest nature to live, breathe and act, WE SHIFT. When we shift, we increase awareness, allow for a deeper connection with self, enhance our ability to hear the voice of wisdom within that always bears truth. excavating a deeper trust on self and our journey. As we open to deeper connections, compassionate living and gentleness with self and others, we transform and elevate each other as well as ourselves, allowing the authentic self to emerge naturally. 

As we support each other in loving and nurturing ways, a sense of safety in community will help us to release past emotions creating sustainable emotional shifts and lasting relationships.


"Every aspect of the Boot Camp was positive. John, Nicole, Dr. Lulu, and Adora made it authentic and a rewarding experience. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants better self-care in their life and knowledge of herbs, and aromatherapy!"

"This was truly a life-changing experience. From the time we arrived until the time we left we were treated amazingly. The educational component was filled with great information and lots of hands-on training. The food was great and the downtime was filled with great memories. I will be coming back to the Veterans Healing Farm and assisting in any way I can. Thanks again for an amazing program conducted by incredible people."

"I really needed this. The information was really interesting and everyone involved with putting this on was so generous. The generosity and compassion made an impression. I feel blessed to have been invited to participate. Thank you."

"I have been talking about this boot camp for the last 3 days and have told many people about healing farms. I would not have done that if it was not an amazing experience. thank you so much for having me"

"I would love to do another boot camp. Eventually, I hope I'll be able to teach a portion of a boot camp. The farm is beautiful and I really enjoyed the camaraderie."

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Become the most vibrant you with the expert guided healing classes.

  • Lecture Physiology to restore and assist in re-patterning your DNA led by Dr. LuLu Shimek

    • Receive a Retreat Dream, Nourish and Awaken Wellness Manual

  • Guided Group Clearing and Activations led by Adora Winquist

    • Receive a Transformational Tool Box to accelerate your healing at the retreat and to integrate fully post retreat.

  • Meditations and ceremony to access higher healing and consciousness led by Nasrin Safai

    • Spring Renewal Ceremony to align with the healing nature and the season.



  • Renew Energy & Vitality

  • Boost & Balance Metabolism

  • Optimize Your Weight 

  • Freedom of Self Expression 

  • Speak your Truth 

  • Expand Your Creativity 

  • Let Go of Limitations

  • Create Healthy Boundaries

Restore, Recover and Reclaim--your health and your vibrancy by using the essential tools that will ignite your innate ability to heal.


Dr. LuLu Shimek 

Dr. LuLu is a naturopathic physician who specializes in patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue. During the retreat, she will be teaching you how to reconnect with your cells and their DNA at a deep physiological layer. You will discover new ways to have life long vitality on a physical layer from head to toe. Ahhhh! Don't you already feel energized! To learn more about Dr. LuLu

Adora Winquist

Adora has been in practice as an energy healer and aroma therapist since 1998. Her training encompasses a diverse study in vibrational medicine, including Reiki, gem and flower essences, aromatherapy, and essential oils. To learn more about Adora

Nasrin Safai

Nasrin Safai is an internationally renowned visionary, author and educator in holistic and behavioral health and personal growth; author of several books in the field of self-help and spiritual growth and a popular life coach with all her students from around the globe. Nasrin

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