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Dr. Lulu Shimek, Adora Winquist and Nasrin Safai invite you on a journey of self- transformation to Dream your biggest vision, Nourish deep levels of self-care and Awaken to the magic within you at the majestic beauty of OM Sanctuary in Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville has been sought after for almost 200 years for it's profoundly recuperative natural environment of curative fresh mountain air and unique biodiversity by both early physicians and Native American tribes such as the local Cherokee. Experts in the field of natural medicine, personal transformation, and spiritual mentoring will weave a sacred and nurturing space where together we will explore leading edge tools and techniques to rejuvenate physical vitality, expand emotional intelligence and accelerate spiritual awakening.  The beauty of this program allows for every individual to commune with others of like mind, create life-long bonds while being fully heard, seen and understood from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective with leaders in holistic health field with a combined 55 years experience. 


As the sun begins to set

behind the inspirational backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you inhale the deep woodsy scent of fall while the Carolina Wren sings its melodic song. This transportive natural setting invites you to linger and walk the labyrinth path. It is here your intention for the retreat forms clearly in your mind and heart.

The generously appointed Inn of OM Sanctuary welcomes you to find respite from the day-to-day life juggle that encompasses a myriad of never-ending responsibilities. As you enter the soothing lobby, you’re greeted by a refreshing glass of hot tea and soft music under the Blue Ridge stars while re-imagining living the life you have always dreamed.

Dream. Nourish. Awaken.


Autumn Equinox

represents one of the four cardinal power points along our planetary cycle that allows for an insightful, holistic and personal assessment of our lives thus far. We can reevaluate our levels of health and happiness, the harmony of our relationships, the nature of our careers and accomplishments, and the manner in which we take care of ourselves. Autumn Equinox also carries the ancient and mystical opportunity to shift and transform rapidly. It is a PROFOUND time of year to spend 4 delightful days (and 3 nights) in sacred community

Restore, Recover and Reclaim--your health and your vibrancy by using the essential tools that will ignite your innate ability to heal.

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So why should YOU join us?

Are you living the life you know you are meant to? Do you awaken with the energy, clarity and passion daily to create and communicate with authenticity? Do you feel so overcommitted and overstretched with tasks and responsibilities that you cannot recall the last moment you took the time and space  for rest, love, self care or just about anything?   If you are still reading, the answer is clear as is the invitation.  This therapeutic, nurturing and supportive environment will offer you ample opportunity to connect and commune with others of similar life experience and intention. As we come together in community to shift, change, and grow, we source an expansive ability to transform. When we have the courage to embrace our best and biggest selves and invite our highest nature to live, breathe and act, WE SHIFT. When we shift, we increase awareness, allow for a deeper connection with self, enhance our ability to hear the voice of wisdom within that always bears truth. excavating a deeper trust on self and our journey. As we open to deeper connections, compassionate living and gentleness with self and others, we transform and elevate each other as well as ourselves, allowing the authentic self to emerge naturally. 

As we support each other in loving and nurturing ways, a sense of safety in community will help us to release past emotions creating sustainable emotional shifts and lasting relationships.

Our Core Program shall:

  • Identify 3 core bodily systems addressing the mind, body, spirit continuum and learn the physiological root causation of imbalance and activate your DNA to heal.

  • Connect and clear emotional areas of old patterns and limiting beliefs relating to each system and activate new energetic configurations igniting passion and enlivening purpose.

  • Open and expand to greater spiritual awakenings through meditation, prayer and ceremony.

From Burnout to Bursting with Life Retreat is the bridge for you to remember what if feels like to be physically energized, mentally restored, emotionally balanced and spiritually exalted. Plant the seeds today to enrich your growth for tomorrow. 

 We will also experience nourishing healing by, eating incredibly delicious natural food, availing ourselves of some of the most soothing  spa services, including specialized healing services from our curated team of practitioners. Dr. Lulu, Adora and Nasrin will also be available for services and sessions pre and post retreat.

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OM Sanctuary

Asheville – nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains – offers a curative atmosphere and instantly evokes a sense of serenity and inspiration, with its long stretches of rolling trees, rivers winding to mystical vortexes and crisp, fresh air converge to weave the perfect tapestry for transformation.

We’ll be spending three restorative nights in the beautiful mountains of Asheville enjoying the southern culture, vegetarian food, rejuvenation, and the soothing décor of our legendary 4-star retreat center, OM Sanctuary. Located right outside of downtown Asheville tucked away above the French Broad River, you’ll feel like you’ve found a secret oasis created just for you.

OM Sanctuary is a beautiful 54-acre mountain retreat center in Asheville, North Carolina. It offers an ideal environment for us to commune and explore together, seek and source the deep life giving well within to bring balance to your body, mind and spirit while being fully immersed in the natural beauty of sacred lands.

The historic architecture is comforting, the rooms beautifully appointed, and the atmosphere is the perfect cross between Southern chic and classic colonial. The retreat meals are locally sourced and prepared by the vegetarian chef.

The Cuisine…

Your body will be deeply nourished through the natural cuisine – OM Sanctuary's meal offerings are simply delicious with your highest nutrition in mind – perfect for our vegetarians and vegan-eaters alike. The meals at OM Sanctuary are farm to table, and the dinners are community building, relaxing affairs with love, sunsets and magic.

Certain food preferences can be accommodated.

We recommend an extra night in Asheville to have a experience and integrative healing service from someone on our team or enjoy a night out on the town to experience the unique and highly innovative local cuisine. 

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OM Sanctuary offers top local healing arts practitioners. Why not indulge in a signature body treatment?

The Lemongrass Lift awakens your senses with lemongrass, ginger and grapefruit oils in this invigorating treatment. Body brushing exfoliates the skin and improves circulation, preparing you for a stimulating massage with warming, rejuvenating oils. Enjoy a cup of organic tea to finish.

Be prepared to open your pores (and have your dead skin be gone!) with an exfoliating Body Brush treatment. It helps detox the lymph, improve circulation and reduce cellulite.

And don’t forget to tune your chakras with an Energy Balance - tranquilizing, calming and centering, Reiki therapy utilizes very light touch to clear and harmonize your energy field and help restore physical and emotional well-being.

We recommend booking your session in ahead of time to fully enhance your retreat.

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Communing with nature is healing balm for the mind, body and spirit. The trails at OM SANCTUARY can offer the quiet space needed for integration, in the 42 acre forest exploring the Appalachian flora, connecting to the Cherokee land, tuning into the bird medicine, and the richness of the multichromatic fall foliage.

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Together we can focus on

  • Lecture Physiology to restore and assist in repatterning your DNA lead daily by Dr. LuLu Shimek

    • Receive a Retreat Dream, Nourish and Awaken Guide and Personal Wellness Assessment

  • Guided Group Clearing and Activations lead daily by Adora Winquist

    • Receive a Transformational Tool Box to accelerate your healing at the retreat and to integrate fully post retreat.

  • Meditations and ceremony to access higher healing and consciousness lead by Nasrin Safai

    • Autumn Equinox Ceremony to align with the healing nature of the moon and the season.



The best bonus of all: included with this retreat is our Wellness Handbook - From Burnout to Bursting with Life which has everything you’ll need to experience healing from head to toe-organ by organ, cell by cell, system by system.

One year of monthly LIVE group healing classes so you have the support you need after the retreat.

A Healing Equinox ceremony to embrace the healing powers of the earth and the moon.

Membership in our private Carnelian Adventures Facebook group for one year where we’ll be answering questions and helping you year round on your healing journey.

Keep in mind – this is an experiential retreat– which means we will not be lecturing in front of the room to you – all of the teachings and tools your need to quantum leap your healing will be at your fingertips as part of the Burnout to Bursting with Life retreat.

Come to the event with a list of what
you want to TRANSFORM
and we will SHIFT, GROW an CHANGE together!


About Asheville

What can I say? I LOVE Asheville. It is a beautiful city with vast mountains, unbounded hikes, rushing rivers, endless microbreweries and to die for food.

You will be delighted to be visiting in Autumn. Asheville is fortunate to have one of the most dramatic displays of fall foliage in the country. Extreme elevations, and more than 100 species of deciduous trees, give the Blue Ridge Mountains one of the longest and most vibrant leaf seasons.

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What’s Included

Two all-day (9-12:30, 2;30-6:30 pm) transformational lecture sessions, opening fire ritual, equinox celebration, closing integration ceremony + lots of delightful retreat conversations all week!

The Dream, Nourish and Awaken Program Guide is included in the retreat pricing so that you have follow-up support after the retreat is over (click here for more details on what is included in the program)

4-star retreat accommodations double occupancy three nights (yes, there are 2 beds in the rooms). Single occupancy rooms are available

Six delicious and nourishing meals at the retreat dining facility.


What’s Not-Included:

Your round-trip airfare from home

Departing lunch is not-included

Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, spa services, and taxis.

Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance


You must arrive into the Asheville Airport (AVL) on Sept 20th for hotel check in @ 4:00 and depart Sept 23rd, 2018 after lunch. You are responsible for your own transport or taxi to the OM Sanctuary (at your cost).

If you want to come earlier or stay later for some exploring – let us know. We are here to support your journey.

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Dr. LuLu Shimek 

Dr. LuLu is a naturopathic physician who specializes in patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue. During the retreat, she will be teaching you how to reconnect with your cells and their DNA at a deep physiological layer. You will discover new ways to have life long vitality on a physical layer from head to toe. Ahhhh! Don't you already feel energized! To learn more about Dr. LuLu

Adora Winquist

Adora has been in practice as an energy healer and aroma therapist since 1998. Her training encompasses a diverse study in vibrational medicine, including Reiki, gem and flower essences, aromatherapy, and essential oils. To learn more about Adora

Nasrin Safai

Nasrin Safai is an internationally renowned visionary, author and educator in holistic and behavioral health and personal growth; author of several books in the field of self-help and spiritual growth and a popular life coach with all her students from around the globe. To learn more about Nasrin

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