Energy Medicine and Life Coaching

Shaddoe has always been interested in the unknown. Throughout her life, she has questioned every spiritual experience and has come to the realization that she knows nothing but believes in everything. After receiving her Hypnotherapy certificate in 2012, she began the development of a gift that, over time, downloaded into her spiritual being. One year later, in 2013, she spontaneously discovered that she had gained the ability to communicate with her spirit guides. From then on, she underwent many personal tests that helped her to learn more about her spirituality and her newfound spiritual guidance. Since "opening up" and expanding her intuition, Shaddoe has aided many others in helping them discover and develop their own spiritual program; meanwhile guiding them in answering their own questions and understanding how their mind is programmed.

Shaddoe's work consists of hand-motion techniques, which push and pull energy to and from the body, and light language: a language that enables energy and vibration to be raised and lowered to the desired extent in that moment. In addition to this, Shaddoe intuitively tunes into the body to determine what health issues need to be adjusted. cosmos. She loves her work and has no doubt that this is her calling in life.

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